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SCUBA Adventure

Image by Juanma Clemente-Alloza

SCUBA Diving

If Every one has a daredevil adventure lover with in but some are able to respond and many of us keep their dreams unexpressed.

If you have never tried SCUBA then you may have a lot of questions like whether it requires any special qualifications or training? Can a non-swimmer go for diving? How and where can we start SCUBA diving? and all..

All your questions will meet their answers here.

We provide a wide range of opportunity to all SCUBA enthusiasts, starting from introductory SCUBA Diving, SCUBA Expeditions, SCUBA Training to choosing SCUBA as profession.

Diving Excursion

SEADAN SCUBA Diving  Excursions not only take you to the finest Dive destinations but also provides you the widest opportunity to test your limits and let you experience the adventure of the world under water regardless the fact that you may or may not be a professional SCUBA Diver. You can opt these excursions  as a family, solo, group , colleague or couple and meet many like minded people.

Tour Bus
Image by Jesse van Vliet

Discovery Diving

Trips become a life time memory when we meet someone and participate in some wild activities together. Group tours are the best one for this. Take part in our SCUBA group tours , meet new people and make it as a memory for lifetime.

SCUBA Training

Once we test the ultimate  excitement of SCUBA diving we become addicted to it and often feel the requirement to upgrade our skills. Once you have decided to upgrade your limits or choose it as your profession then here is the platform that provides you all the required training and support by the experienced SCUBA Instructors.

Divers Training in Pool

Previous Activities

Turtle in the Reef

Marine Conservation

Being SCUBA Divers we are the only people who can watch the world under water and its situation due to pollution and illegal's fishing. We the divers of SEADAN are committed to protect and preserve our oceans by activities and awareness programme. Join our community and take part in our awareness programmes.


Now, there are a million more reasons to go diving. What is your reason? Or, if you have never dived before, what’s holding you back? Are you ready to get your diving experience with SEADANFeel free to contact the professional and experienced diving instructors and divemaster at SEADAN.

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