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Youngest SCUBA Diver Debopriya Saha

Debopriya Saha, The Youngest SCUBA  Diver In The World.

By Aakash, 01 Jul 2022

Debopriya Saha (Gia) passionate about marine life was desperately waiting for the day to plunge into the sea to become a certified SCUBA diver. Yes, it was her 10th birthday when she created history by becoming the youngest SCUBA diver in the world on 30th June 2022.

Youngest SCUBA Diver In the World Debopriya Saha

This unique record was achieved by very few girls and boys around the globe but her achievement was not just for creating another record. This 10 Years old little girl has a noble cause behind it. She wants to be a marine biologist and save the ocean from pollution. Debopriya was inspired by her father, a PADI-certified rescue diver, who guided her in acquiring information regarding marine biology. When she came to know that SCUBA diving is an essential part of her ambition, she wanted to complete all the formalities to get certified without wasting a single day. As per the PADI rule, one can get this certificate, not before her 10th birthday. 

Debopriya Saha

Gia and her father decided to celebrate her 10th birthday, which is on 30th June 2022, in a style. Under the guidance of PADI Instructor Mr.  Balaram Naidu (Dive instructor #liveinadventures), she completed the mandatory E-learning, Confined water training, and two dives in the sea by 01:50 PM at the city of destiny,  Vizag.   As her birth time was  5 pm, she was still 9 years 364 days 21hrs 10 minutes to become the youngest SCUBA Diver in the world.

'She was very excited before her first dive into the sea and she saw many colorful fish, rocks, and corals.
'One will miss this spectacular experience if not dived at least once in their entire life' She said.

Debopriya Saha, Youngest SCUBA Diver

Underwater Birthday Celebration

Debopriya Saha, Youngest SCUBA Diver
She was very happy that she has done all perfectly. Debopriya said she celebrated her best birthday ever by watching a new world underwater. At the same time she was a bit upset after the dive as she saw plastic waste clogging in. She decided to make people aware of ocean pollution, save the ocean, and encourage people to experience diving with the slogan "Dive with Gia".
She also expressed her birthday wish to dive with Pariniti Chopra who is a prominent Bollywood actress and PADI AmbassaDiver to India for promoting SCUBA diving and ocean awareness.

Her proud parents told her that they are ready to cross any limits to fulfill her dreams. She asked everyone to support and bless her to achieve her goals in life.

Debopriya Saha, Youngest SCUBA Diver
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